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  1. webmastergreg
  2. MediaBox
  3. Monday, 28 September 2020
Hi Ryan and hi all

Today I have an issue when I add a file (pdf) with the JCE Media popup feature.
On desktop no problem, popup open ok with pdf inside, then I click outside of popup or the cross to close it.
But when I'm on my phone (android with firefox) there's no popup, but an invitation to download the file directly.
EDIT: Seems almost ok with Chrome, but hard to close because the cross is out of flow, and overlay do not respond.
So I click download the open it with the pdf reader of my choice, but once I want to go back to the product page, I can click previous arrow of the pdf reader or previous with finger movement on the screen and I 'm stuck with the black overlay with the spinner spinning forever.
So if I do another previous, I'm back to the home page.
See attached for the overlay.

I'm not against a direct download for phones even if the setting is popup (if this is normal behaviour) but don't want to get stuck with the overlay.

Any idea for this please ?
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Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.
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Thanks, ;)

no more stuck with overlay under firefox, I will do some other tests and back to you.
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