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  1. nhtim
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Wednesday, 12 August 2020
I have had intermittent problems updating JCE Pro which I have had for a while. Every once in a while an update will work, but I have to wait and see if an update will work or not. I had been able to update to version 2.8.14 just fine, but now I can not update to 2.8.15. There is something I have noticed... It shows that my version is not the pro version in Extension Update. I have included a screen shot to show you what I see. I have tried installing in different ways & I have tried using another browser. I have also cleared cache and I still can not update. Somewhere on my site it still has something that sometimes thinks I am using the regular version and not the pro version. I would like to resolve the underlying problem so I can do regular updates. HELP
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In that Extensions window, please click on Update Sites in the left menu, then on the Rebuild button.

After that, go back to Update and click Find Updates.
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BINGO! That worked... Thanks!
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