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  1. JimDee
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Thursday, 23 July 2020
Just updated to JCE 2.8.15 yesterday & noticed that when I past text like this into the editor...

My website at is good.

It shows in the editor as:

My website at undefined is good. 

In the code view, it would show:

<p>My website at <a href="/undefined">undefined</a> is good. </p>

I have been messing with the editor params to try to fix this, but can't get it corrected. I've tried setting URL Conversion (in Editor Parameters --> "Cleanup & Output";) to None, Relative, and Absolute. None of those work anymore. (I think I had it on Absolute prior to the update, but now I've forgotten.) I've also tried turning off HTML validation... just can't get it to paste URLs anymore.

If I paste just text like "", then it pastes and becomes a link (which is good). But, if it's in a longer string like shown above, it doesn't work anymore.

Anyone know how I can fix this? I think I was on 2.8.13 prior to the update, if that helps, and all was fine then.
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I think this bug was introduced in 2.8.13 :(

Please try JCE Pro 2.8.16 Beta -
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I had the same problem with pasting links showing up as 'undefined'.

But this is fixed now in JCE Pro 2.8.16 Beta. ;)

Thanks Ryan.
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