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  Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Since recent update, when we place the cursor at the beginning of an article and insert an image, then wrap the text around the image and add a caption, the caption wants to take the entire paragraph of text and put it in the caption.

I have to go into the code and manually move the <p> tags. I can't tell my client to do this, and what if we WANT a photo in the middle of a paragraph wrapped?

How can i best explain to him to do this? it was not this way in past versions, only since the <figure> tags were added. Please advise, thanks.
more than a month ago
This was an oversight on my part in changing the caption to use the figure and figcaption elements, as the figure element cannot be placed inside a paragraph.

I have reverted this in JCE Pro 2.6.28. You can download JCE Pro 2.6.28 Beta 2 for testing here -

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more than a month ago
Thank you so much. It will be good to tell my client he's not losing his marbles :p :o
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