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  1. holzerna
  2. JCE Plugins / Addons
  3. Wednesday, 03 June 2015

I can't make the file browser quick icon visible in the joomla control center and it is also not visible in the jce control center. The plugin ist activated. Cleared browser cache and joomla cache. I tried jce 2.4.6 and 2.5.1. I am Super User.

Any idea?

Kind regards
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I found the problem: After I imported an editor profile, I had no activated profile. After activating it, the icon appeared.
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  2. JCE Plugins / Addons
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I have the same problem with JCE Pro 2.6.35 and Joomla 3.9.2 currently, but I checked, and Super Users are assigned to the default editor profile, so there must be another reason for this.

- the plugin JCE File Browser QuickIcon is published and has access level "public"
- JCE is my default editor

Can anyone help or confirm this?
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In Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout, is the File Browser option checked?
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That solved it, thank you! Although, my thinking was for this project that I don't need to give file browser access in the editor, but want to give access to it only from the start page. Anyway, it works now. THank you!
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