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  1. koppie
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Sunday, 23 August 2020
JCE is slow on loading articles which contains more images and hyperlinks behind those images.
This was earlier no problem but now I have to wait several seconds before I can edit such an article.

In the front-end there is no problem with those articles.

Other articles are loading fine

EDIT: In the 'Editor Global Configuration' section you can choose Custom CSS Files and add more than one css file (image 2). But when I choose the theme.css and my own custom.css this behaviour occurs. If i load only my custom.css it's working fine but then I'm missing my template css styles.
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Please try this:

Put your custom.css file in templates/yootheme/css/, then set the Editor Styles option to Template CSS Files.

Any change?
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