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  1. roland_d_alsace
  2. Suggestons/Feature Requests
  3. Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Hi Ryan

I already mentioned this to you a few years ago

I need to have a common directory file to all my profiles.
Would it be possible to have this?
Otherwise is there any way that I develop a plugin, which when JCE creates a folder for a user, I want to add to this folder a symbolic link to this common folder.

According to the profiles, the person would have the right to write or not files in this common folder.

When there are several authors in a structure, it is common to have to use common documents or logos for example.

I would be happy to have your opinion on this project

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Hi Ryan.

A small up.

Is there events that i can catch with a plugin when the JCE media manager create a profile user folder for creating my symbolic link to the "common files" folder (folder accessible for all user profile) ?

And eventualy an other events when user download file into a dirrrectory, for refuse the dowsload if he try to put a file in this common directory ?

...but frankly I think it will be a real plus in JCE Pro to have this option of a shared folder for all profiles. But in the meantime, I would like to make a small plugin for this.

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There are a number of Filesystem events triggered by the default Joomla Filesystem extension. Are sample plugin for these events and list of events are available here -

You could also looking into creating your own Filesystem extension, that extends the default Joomla Filesystem extension. Look at the "Server Filesystem" plugin as an example -
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Thanks very much Ryan.

I have made the plugin for having a common folder to all authors in JCE.

I will place it on the JED.

In the Joomla French Community Forum :
Tutorial and download in my WebSite :

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