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  1. wicko
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Wednesday, 04 December 2019
How can you add a code option to your editor to allow you to add blocks of code that are visible to the reader? Like you have here in this forum editor.

So I can display the code like this

<img src=“/images/myimage.jpg”/>


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ok I have managed to do this with RokCandy. Not as easy as I would have liked.

After installing RokCandy you get the option to add RokCandy script via a button at the bottom of your browser.

You need to use html entity names for brackets.

So to display code to look like this

<img src=“/images/myimage.jpg”/>

you need to edit between the rokcandy square brakets and change the greater or less than brackets to their entity equivelant.
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Please try this JCE plugin - - which you can download here -

This will allow you to insert various types of code into the editor, which will be highlighted and styled using the Prism library -

You will probably need to install this library so your code can be styled in the front-end. A plugin is available for this too -
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