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  1. quantility
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Thursday, 11 July 2019
Hi, i have a little problem about the User Experience.
When i click on image in the JCE Image Browser, i see that the ALT Tag field is compiled with "words" from file name of the file. And this is good and very practical.

But if i go to change and optimize this Alt Tag, for example writing a good phrase with some keyword (for SEO), if i click on another image to change it... woah... my time consuming copywriting is gone, and the Alt Tag is compiled again with words from file name.

The problem is that if i have writed a custom Alt Tag, JCE doesn't need to change it if i click on a different image file, because my action (writing in that field) is voluntary.

For me is needed something like:

Alt Tag is empty, fill with words from file name
Alt Tag is filled by me, never touch it again.

Thanks a lot!!!
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This will be fixed in JCE Pro 2.7.15 due for release next week.
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