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  • Suggestion / Request: File Directory Path - Directory Filter to only allow access to list of directories
  1. mscwebapps
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Monday, 24 June 2019
I wasn't sure where to request this functionality. I'm really excited that your toolbar allows for setting an upload file directory path per editor profile, with ability to exclude file directories. However, what I really need is the ability to only include certain file directories. I'd like my file directories to be labeled as categories, and I may need some user groups to be able to upload into multiple category directories. It looks like I can do this with the current JCE Editor, however, the maintenance of this will be very tedious, since I'll need to exclude directories from editor profiles every time I create a new directory.

I wish that Joomla had upload directory ACL capability, which I've seen in another CMS that I worked with previously. Each directory has its own access permissions in ExpressionEngine.

Thanks for the great toolbar!
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Please try JCE Pro 2.7.15 Beta 4 -

For each folder that you want to display, add it as a Directory Filter item with a + in front of it, eg:
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