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  • JCE Pro 2.6.27 Released

This update fixes a number of bugs reported since the last update, and adds a few new features.

Custom attributes in the Attributes dialog

It is now possible to set any number of attributes in the Attributes dialog, using the Other repeatable field.

Attributes custom field

Save to a new folder for edited images

When saving images in the Image Editor, the image can now be saved to a new folder.

image editor new folder

Markdown to HTML conversion on paste

When pasting markdown text from a text editor, the text can now be converted into HTML. This is an experimental feature and requires a textpattern_use_markdown option to be set in the Editor Global Configuration.

textpattern use markdown

A changelog is available to view here

Thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports. If you find any more issues please submit them on the forum or on github.

Download and Installation

JCE Pro is available for download with a JCE Pro Subscription.
If you already have a subscription, please make sure you set your key before updating

Instructions for installing and updating JCE for each Joomla version are available here